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Works Great

Works great for what I need, A ringtone!


При выборе "free music" iPhone 6S Plus вылетает

App is old but the relevant parts work.

To all the complainers giving this app one star: If the popups telling you to connect to Twitter, Facebook, etc. are bothering you, turn the three toggles "off" at the bottom of the save screen. Open your eyes. By default, theyre turned on." Problem solved. No more popups. For those saying the app crashes, delete and reinstall it. That solves most crashing issues. It fixed mine on iOS 9.2.3 on an iPhone 6s. And for people complaining that you still have to connect to iTunes to move the ringtone back to your phone, blame Apple not the app. Until Apple allows direct access to your file system, no ringtone app will let you save your finished ringtone directly to your settings app. None. So deleting stars for a restriction the app developers have no control over is simply idiotic. Now, despite the app not being updated since 2014 (its 2016 now) the relevant parts work great. Ive used the mic to record audio with no problems and made ringtones from music on my iPhone 6s. And this is the only app that lets you add reverb, distortion and save the ringtone in reverse for cool effects. The only problem Ive found is that the link to the free music ringtones crashes the app. But those selections were public domain type crap and sucked anyway so its no real big loss there. Try the free version first and when you realize the app works well, maybe spring for the Pro version. But ignore the one star complainers.

Crash alert

Another app I bought and does not work. I have a iPhone 6 plus and thought this app would be good to edit ringtones but this app keeps crashing. Will there be a fix?


Did they stop supporting this?!


I paid for this app and had no issues initially until now that I have started using once again. I do not use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Each time I create a ringtone the app takes me to a Facebook site asking to sign in, then asks to sign in to Twitter, to Instagram and then gives me an error. The app does create the ringtone but what a nuisance.

Doesnt Work / Now it does

Used to work but not anymore. Piece of crap. Revised my opinion. Wrote the previous back in March. I was always happy with this app and it stopped working and crashed every time. Couldnt get any support or update. I think it was due to iPhone 6 and/or the IOS because now its back to working and it works well. A true miracle.

Want money back

The app doesnt work right with the new itunes I purchased the pro version and will be trying to get my money back

Update pleaseee

Please,update this best app! Need new interface for iPhone 6 and 6+ and optimization for iOS 8.3. Increase output audio quality.

May harm your iPhone speakers.

It has the important functionalities that most ringtone makers lack: zooming, and repeat. But it may mute your iPhone speakers. Even other apps got muted after using it.

Stopped working

Ringtonium was my go to app. Got an iphone 6 and was going to use Ringtonium to transfer my ring tones from my old iphone that Ringtonium put on the old one to the new one. After opening the app and pressing the record button, I get a "Whos your daddy" seems like the app refuses to do this. Maybe you are using the wrong file type. The app freezes. PLEASE FIX THIS. Thank you.

Beautiful, Powerful, Precise

This is my fav Ringtone Maker app. Ive tried several pro (paid) versions. I like the variety of alerts and ringtones that you can make. LOVE the dialed precision so that you can edit the start/stop positions of the ringtone. Love that you can also use the mic to record audio for a tone or alert. Hey App developers, take note: this app has beautiful graphics and nice UI. I love this app. Wish all apps were as beautiful and thoughtful as this one. This gets it done! Thx. ;-)

Used to work

This thing was awesome, not it doesnt work, EVERYTIME I try to record a sound it crashes and says wrong file type.

매우 편리하고 만족스러운 앱!

디테일한 옵션까지도 간단하고 쉽게 다룰 수 있어 굉장히 좋습니다. 하나 아쉬운 점이라면 음질의 옵션도 설정할 수 있다면 최고일것 입니다! Please possible to high quality option by user. ♥ Thanks.

Its Good....

Its okay, I want to download songs and stuff but... I think the app is cool but like others say, it crashes too much


It contains glitches such as the music not playing also. Would it be possible to update your tutorial to the current iTunes set up? Its difficult to actually use the tone when you cant use the export. Cheers!

Nag, nag

Wants to connect to Facebook and twitter every time a new tone is created...very annoying ..not worth the money


This app has everything Ive been looking for. It allows me to create a tone as short as I want, with accuracy. And I can use tools like fade in and fade out. Plus, I can pick one or the other, not both, and I can even control the amount. I happen to love the iTunes sync--makes it very easy and foolproof to do. Thank you for such a great app!


I really hope they fix this app, it crashes every time.


Keeps crashing when you press "whats new"

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